One Year Later: Refreshing and Reflecting

As it turns out, one year later I have 86,000+ hits — and none of them are the result of me hitting refresh over and over again (except in the rare event that the site was down).

Today is the one year blogiversary for This thing is still just a baby, but amazingly enough, I’ve kept up with my little pet project. A year later, I’m still learning from my blogwell and still getting a few kicks out of it along the way.

A year later, my own life has taken on a new shape as well. I continue to learn and grow each day, figuring out that I’m a happier person when I take simple steps each day. Steps like remembering to moisturize. Steps like cleaning the kitchen. Steps like telling my parents how much I love them.

I’m still just as crazy as ever and still just as flawed. I set off smoke alarms when I cook, I fret about whether or not I left my hair straightener unplugged, I complain about my thighs. But it’s learning to laugh at my own imperfections and finding ways to accept them them that makes me stronger.

This blog has been such an incredible outlet for me, and it means the world to me that my friends (and even some people I’ve never met before) visit it.

Each day, things happen in our lives and the lives of others that we wish we could change. Sometimes I feel bad about not bringing to light the things that are really on my mind here, but I try not to burden you. I hope this space can serve as a respite from reality from time to time. You can read about Patrick’s brown pants. when the truth is we’re all thinking about the latest deadly disaster or political scandal. Thank you for letting me use this space to try to inject a little more positivity into the world. You keep me honest. You keep me searching for new recipes. You keep me from sitting at my computer hitting the refresh button.

Tennessee to Texas

The Sky Over Tyler

On the long ride back to Texas this Labor Day, Patrick and I have been listening to various podcasts to pass the time. Our favorite is This American Life, but we also listened to Radiolab for the first time on this ride. Fittingly, the show was about time. The episodeĀ  featured stories about how the definition of time developed in Sandusky, Ohio and a time-lapse recording of a little girl through the years. There was also a story about various kinds of clocks including a spice clock that delivered time you could taste – imagine an hour that tastes like cinnamon.

Today many Americans are wishing time would slow down, prolonging their long weekend, as they sip beer and enjoy the last remaining moments of summer.

With a thirteen hour-car ride for Patrick and me, time is especially of the essence. The whole day is about passing time, moving forward. Despite wishing we could force the time to elapse more quickly, we’re stuck in this car together for at least three more hours. We pass the time with long conversations and these stories about time. Fortunately, I have my computer, so I also pass the time with work and blogging.

But if there’s something to take away from this day, it’s that we should enjoy the moment. Not everyone is as lucky as us to have the day off: the countless truckers we pass on the road, the gas station attendants, the radio DJs, the cops pulling people over (yes, even them) are all spending this holiday on the job. And since you can’t (easily) change the passage of time, you might as well just appreciate what you’ve got and enjoy the ride.