On our recent trip back to Nashville, Patrick and I toted an entire brisket in a cooler to take to a Vandy tailgate. Patrick had taken his parents to Rudy’s barbecue, a local favorite here in College Station, during their visit earlier this summer.

They were smitten. I, on the other hand, ate a smuggled-in veggie sandwich.

Prior to hitting the road, Patrick stopped in at Rudy’s with a cooler and left with a giant piece of meat. When tailgate time arrived, he relished the opportunity to eat a non-vegetarian meal for a change. As tempting as my not-dog was, he opted for a brisket sandwich. Enjoying his meal wasn’t in the cards for him, though. The temporary crown on one of his lower teeth couldn’t stand up to the power of the brisket. Poor Patrick, my Alabama boy, felt like a southern stereotype all weekend. All the photos he took at the wedding we attended involved a tight-lipped smile.

I told him we should make up a story about how he got socked at the football game. But really, he got beat up by some brisket. I guess when it comes to meat, karma’s a brisket.

Creepy Teeth

Saturday is cleaning day for me. At least, many Saturdays are. And on this particular Saturday cleaning day, I am faced with an unusual “throw out” conundrum.

A note here about me. I am really bad about throwing stuff out. Okay really, really bad. Believe me, I’m trying to get better about it, but I frequently stop myself mid-toss and wonder: “What if I will need this again one day?”

There is one object in particular I came across today while cleaning that has me doing some serious pondering. Well, really they are four objects (they came in a set), and they don’t belong to me.

My boyfriend Patrick went to the dentist a few months back, and the dentist decided he needed some sort of cosmetic work done. In order to prove this to Patrick, the dentist made expensive plaster molds of his teeth to show the before and after shots. He didn’t charge Patrick for the molds, but now they’re in the house. Creepy, useless, plaster teeth.

So my question for you all is what the heck do I do with these things? Do I throw them out? Do I save them for my Halloween tablescape (maybe Sandra Lee would have some suggestions)? Do I mail them to someone I don’t like? And while we’re at it, Patrick would like your opinion of the “after” teeth. Should he get the work done? You decide.