We’re More Alike Than Different

Yesterday was the Buddy Walk here in College Station. The one-mile walk is a nationwide fundraiser promoting Down syndrome awareness. I have been working for the last few months on advertisements for the walk that appeared in various publications around town. It was so inspiring to see families spending their afternoon for this great cause.

My older brother, Colin, has Down syndrome. He has a tremendous heart and an incredible memory. If you hear a song on the radio and can’t remember who sings it, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Colin can name the artist. I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like, so Buddy Walk was a way for me to feel closer to him, even though he is all the way back in Ohio. I get to see him next weekend, though, and I can’t wait.

Buddy Walk was a great way for me to meet new people, and my friend Sondra introduced me to these guys, Travis and Danny. I wrote a story that appeared in Brazos Family Magazine about their amazing friendship.

Sondra’s son, Q, had his game face on!

The pre-walk warm-up got everyone movin’ and groovin’. It was perfect weather for a walk.

Lots of people made signs to show their support.

Some hair-dye was also involved…

But even in the middle of all the excitement, not everyone could stay awake.

Halfway done, but still going strong.

The finish line!

A cool post-walk pose. We did it!

A Saturday Morning Post

Because I’m up early (for me…).

Because I didn’t post yesterday.

Because I want to go for a run since I ate way, way too many carbs last night. Thanks, Italian dinner.

Because I really should swing in this hammock sometime. Or at least, take pictures of it in the morning sun.

Because you must strike when inspiration’s hot.

Because you can start a sentence with “because.”

But I must go now…

Because the cats are hungry.

No Limits

I have a severe case of blogger’s block tonight. Nashville was great, but it’s been tough to get back into the swing of things after a three-day weekend. We spent 24 hours driving in those three days, and while it was all worth it, I’m mentally and physically sapped. And I have to admit, I was feeling kind of sorry for myself up until a few minutes ago.

Up until I saw this. Up until I told myself to shut up and stop my bellyaching.

Because if this guy can overcome excuses… if this guy can will himself to stand… if this guy can find a way to return an embrace… then I really have nothing to complain about, do I?