Small Town Heroes

Sometimes I wonder where people got answers or help before social media. What did we do before Twitter or Google? Since I moved to Texas, I’ve had several experiences where kindness crops in places I’d least expect.

This weekend, our toilet pretty much exploded. I’ll just leave it at that. Panic. Plungers. Trips to Home Depot. Followed by frantic calls to plumbers. On a Saturday. Sorry, Charlie. “You’re out of luck. Have you got a back yard?”

Three people. One bathroom. And… more panic.

A telephone conversation about the problem in an HEB aisle saved my butt… Quite literally actually. Sorry… you didn’t need that image.

Anyway, a man overheard my conversation about the problem. “I’m sorry to eavesdrop, but did you say you have a broken toilet?” After I explained my embarrassing problem he told me he was once a plumber and could help me. Less than an hour later, the stranger was in my bathroom fixing my toilet, giving up part of an evening he had planned on spending with his wife.

Thanks to my HEB hero, I now have a working toilet. Maybe it’s just the holiday spirit taking over me, but moments like these restore my belief that good people do exist. They also make me realize that in life you should keep your friends close, and your plumber closer.

Random Thoughts of Varying Gravity

This blog needs more color.

There are few things that make me feel more peaceful than watching my cats sleep.

If Matt reads this, he’s going to make fun of me about that last thing.

Joanna Newsom is amazing.

So is Ben Folds…

My handwriting is so much better in fine tip markers.

It’s almost impossible for me to resist dessert.

This list makes me think of this.

When I really need to find God, I look for signs of His presence in nature.

When God really needs to find me, He shows signs of His presence to me in nature.

My mom and dad are my ultimate heroes.