Hello again, old friend

This post feels like I’m calling an ex long after the breakup to say “I’m sorry… I screwed up… I won’t make excuses, but I wanted to tell you I miss you.”

That means you, reader, get to play the part of an ex. And I get to play the role of the groveling, sniveling mess. (I’m not really sniveling, though. A sniveler I am not.)

So can we just pretend my absence never happened? Can we start back up again like not a moment was lost? After all, that’s what old friends do. Time and distance may separate them, but they somehow always can pick up right where they left off.

Here’s what I would have blogged about if I had posted the last two months.

My cats…Duh. Simba is kind of fat right now, but it’s adorable. Since it’s cooled off a bit outside, both Fish Taco and Simba sleep with me at night. Simba on one side. Fish Taco on the other. I call it a cat sandwich (only not in a creepy I-eat-cats sort of way). Sometimes it gets really toasty in between those two lovebugs, but I don’t mind a bit.

My wedding plans (or lack thereof)… I hired a planner. I can’t do this all myself. It takes me ten minutes of deliberation to select a can of soup at the grocery store. Don’t get me started on selecting a wedding dress, flowers, or a color palatte. We do sort of know that we want Indian food at the reception, but I’m worried that could be disastrous. Not everyone enjoys Indian food as much as TP and me. Either way, we were thinking of testing out a few Indian recipes tomorrow to send to a potential caterer, and I googled “paneer College Station.” Making cheese is so time consuming, so I was hoping I could find a place to buy it locally. The first hit was Blogwell. It was a touching moment, and also a little disheartening. (Dear aspiring business owners, PLEASE open an Indian grocery store in this town!)

Food… I have been cooking occasionally, but not as much as usual. Around Thanksgving, I made a few Ina Garten recipes that were delicious. And filled with butter. As every delicious thing should be. I’ll make a point to post a recipe soon.

How TP spent an entire Saturday making his Halloween costume in October. He went as Beeker and it was pretty much the best costume ever. He bought five different types of fabric at Joann Fabrics. During the costume construction process, it looked like a muppet exploded in our living room. I won’t let him throw the Beeker head away. There’s a part of me that wants to put it on to answer the door the next time someone randomly comes a-knockin’ to sell me something on a Saturday. Meep meep, solicitors.

My wishlist for things to learn continues to get longer (despite a decrease in the time I have to learn new things). I have decided to register for a sewing machine (if I ever set up a gift registry) so I can make curtains and pillowcases and jerseys for the cats. I also have asked Santa for a portrait lens for my camera for Christmas, so I will have an impetus to post more frequent pictures as I (hopefully) improve my photography skills. And I’m considering learning how to skateboard so I can get from my car to my office more quickly (it’s a long-ish hike). But we all know how that would turn out.

Anyway, that’s pretty much the latest with me.

So…I’ll try to do better this time around. Take me back?

Code for “I Love You”

Sometimes we express our love without actually using the words “I love you.” Actions speak louder than words, after all. For Patrick, saying he loves the cats isn’t easy. He used to be anti-cat. Now he feeds them and cuddles up to them and asks me about them when we’re not home. “What do you think the stanks are doing?” he’ll ask me. “The stanks” is code for “our beautiful kitties.”

Yesterday, he said to me the best thing I’ve heard in a long time: “Sad. ‘Fish Taco the cat’ yields no results when typed into Google.”

That’s code for “I love that cat.”

And bam! Now “Fish Taco the cat” will be googleable. That’s code for “success.”

Lazy Saturday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my cats, so today I’m going to rectify that. On Friday I had a little get-together for Patrick’s 30th birthday party. I cooked non-stop the night before to prepare. I think Fish Taco and Simba could sense my exhaustion afterward, so they slept all day Saturday in my honor.

In an effort to figure out my new camera, I took about 700 pictures of them lounging all over my freshly made bed. For your sake, I’ll only share a small sampling.

Pity them, will you? It’s such a hard life.

Especially when someone is in your face taking your picture when you’re trying to get some shut-eye.

As I write this, they’re still sleeping….

They stop to eat and bathe, of course, but not for long. Shortly after, it’s back to bed.

At least they validate my pillow purchases.

Fling Into Filing

While my friends in Nashville, Chicago and Cleveland were digging themselves out of mounds of snow this weekend, I dug myself out of mounds of paper. If there is one thing I could change about myself, I would be more organized. I HATE filing so much that I have approximately 4 years of filing I’ve been putting off (I’m only slightly exaggerating). And my kitchen cupboards frequently look like little mice crawl through them and dance around with cans on their backs, flipping over spices and packages of pasta as they go. Gross. Now I’m going to worry that mice really do go through my cupboards.

And you may remember my closet

They say that opposites attract though, and when it comes to Marianne, I’ve met my organizational match. What I lack in neatness and order, Marianne makes up for ten-fold. So when my amazing friend offered to come over on her Sunday and help me file, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I don’t think she knew what she was in for. But she showed up ready and eager, patiently teaching me what to keep and what to toss. She will never know how much this means to me.

It’s not quite done, but the pile is shrinking and slowly chaos is turning into order. And since I probably won’t see much snow in Texas this winter, I’m thinking of shredding the old papers into smithereens and making my own white Christmas. It may be a few days before the living room is back in order, but at least the Christmas tree looks nice.

And I think Simba agrees.