Face First

I’ve fallen face first into December. It’s here. And my credit card knows it.

I should get a thank you note from Amazon. Seriously.

(Did you know Amazon has a line called Amazon Fresh? They deliver groceries to some Seattle neighborhoods. It kind of makes me wish I lived in Seattle. I can think of nothing better than to come home after work to find a box full of produce on my door step. I could really go for a grapefruit right now. A ridiculously over-priced, hand-delivered grapefruit. I guess laziness comes with a price I’d be willing to pay.)

Meanwhile, I’ve been kind of absent lately, what with 12+ hour drives back and forth to Alabama with a quick one-day hop up to Nashville in the middle. I also haven’t felt too update-worthy. My dinners lately have consisted of frozen burritos, skinny cow ice cream sandwiches and microwavable rice.

Here’s one exciting update, though. I have a new nephew! His name is Connor, and I can’t wait to meet him and spoil him with Amazon orders.

Anyway, I really and truly haven’t forgotten about you. I promise. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Last night I dreamed that I was in outer space and there were all these amazing stars and planets and constellations that I’m pretty sure I made up. (A star shaped like a pretzel perhaps?) And the part I was most excited about—even in my dream? Blogging about it when I got back to Earth. How cool am I, right?

Maybe the meaning of the dream is two-fold. First, I think it means I’ve missed blogging the last few days and feel pretty guilty about my abandonment. Second, I’m pretty sure it means I can return to reality now. Even if just for a minute before the daily crazy sinks back in.


I don’t have an addictive personality, but if I did, here are some things I could easily see myself getting hooked on.

1. DQ Ice Cream cake. I had some again tonight for the first time in years. The last time I had one was probably my 10th birthday party. It was the sweet taste of nostalgia mixed with chocolate crunchies. The fact that Dairy Queen calls them “Chillabration Cakes”, however, makes me cringe a little.

2. Twitter. I just jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, and I’m starting to enjoy it. It’s still a little strange updating people about the mundane details of my life, but then again, that’s kind of what I do on this blog. If I think of Twitter as a micro-blog, I don’t feel so bad. Plus, I can see what Ben Folds is up to, which is really pretty awesome.

3. Tabbed browsing. Okay… there’s no point in sugar coating it… I’m ALREADY addicted to tabbed browsing. So addicted in fact that Patrick had to put a limit on the number of tabs I can open at one time on Firefox. My max is five. If I exceed this, a pop-up box comes up to scold me. What can I say? I love information overload. I love having the world at my fingertips. I love being able to set something aside, knowing that I can come back to it later. Tabbed browsing rules no matter how you slice it.

4. Bravo. I don’t have cable right now, but the Real Housewives are one of my guilty pleasures. Cut me some slack.

5. Target and TJ Maxx. I’m giving myself a break from both these stores for a while. While I may love them, my credit card does not. They are my oasis in the desert. I am led to water, and I leave satiated but much, much poorer.

6. Saving stray animals. I have been known to rescue a stray cat or two. Some of them I find homes for. Some of them wind up living with me. I’ll be sure to introduce you to Fish Taco and Simba. I’d rescue them all if I could. Nonetheless, spay and neuter your animals, people.