About Me

I’m a Cleveland girl by birth who now resides in Texas. I actually consider Nashville home, though. I’m a lifelong vegetarian (yes, that is hard in Texas, and no, I don’t just eat salad). I used to be a DJ in college at Vanderbilt’s WRVU 91.1. (Shameless plug: I came up with the station’s slogan.) I did a show with my good friend Corinne called Free the Cricket. We played a lot of indie rock/alternative and got frequent calls from a guy who called himself East Side Eric. We also got to meet a lot of amazing local Nashville bands. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking (but not the cleaning up afterward), reading (rather slowly) and painting (not always successfully). I’m trying to learn how to love running. I’m crazy about animals and am a huge advocate of spay/neuter campaigns. This blog is my attempt at trying something new, having fun and doing something creative.

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