Always and Wall-ways

When I get a project in my head, I want to start it immediately. I don’t do well with planning. I just dive in headfirst, tending to make lots of mistakes as a result.

 wall with paint swatches

My enthusiasm du jour: bedroom painting.

And of course, in true Monika style, I’m biting bigger than I ought to. I’m planning chevron stripes for the accent wall of our bedroom. Up until a few days ago, I didn’t even know that zig-zags had an official name (other than zig-zag).

I’m going to try to do this right. I’ve got a bunch of DIY websites to diligently follow. I’ve painted a series of swatches on my wall, many-a-time staring and thinking of the scene in Juno where Jennifer Garner’s character says with her head cocked, “So we have custard and cheesecake,” and Jason Bateman responds, “They’re yellow.” But I digress…

So here I go. Amped now but sure to be beyond frustrated, paint-covered, and tangled in a cocoon of FrogTape later.

Wish me luck.

P.S. Here’s a little ditty, Always Love, from one of my favorite bands, Nada Surf. No relationship to the painting project, but it gets me feeling peppy.