A Lot Has Changed

In the last few (or more than few) months, a lot in my life has changed. I’ve gotten married. Started a new job. Went on a three week-long honeymoon for which I expect no pity. My life has also been a series of unfinished projects lately. I started a painting that I haven’t found time to complete. I got a membership to a pool, but I rarely make time to swim. And I started some books and got about halfway through. One of those books is Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, a writing guide that isn’t meant to be preachy or full of grammar rules. Lamott’s main piece of advice (at least, so far) is to write often, preferably daily. Even if it’s crap.

I have done a rotten job of following this advice. Evidence: my last post was in August.

I come home at the end of the day and think about what I’ve done that is interesting or relevant, and rarely do I feel motivated to tell the world about the leftovers I’m eating or the song I have stuck in my head. Plus, working in marketing makes me the recipient of a lot of advice about social media faux pas and how to blog effectively and what to do to make your website *shine.* It’s overwhelming, and as a result, I’ve lost sight of Lamott’s main words of wisdom. Write often. Even if it’s crap.

This doesn’t mean I want to subject my readers to crap. Au contraire, I want you to keep coming back. But at the same time, I don’t want to be paralyzed by my fear of sucking. That paralysis, coupled with a busy schedule, is what has kept this blog stiller than a snowy night for so long.

My friend told me recently that my blog needed a series finale if I was going to end it. I couldn’t leave my readers with a cliffhanger, he told me. And when he said those words, I felt incredibly guilty. Like I had left my cats at home for a day without food.

I probably won’t take Anne Lamott’s advice to write every day. It isn’t practical for me, and life is too full of pressure as it is. But if Mad Men can take an extra long hiatus and still come back alive and kicking, then so can Blogwell.

And oh by the way, I’m not changing the name of this site just because I got married. Some things in life just have to stay the way they’re meant to be.