Back With a Bang

Crap. Lots of shenaningans have kept me away. Wedding planning. A new job. A new house. An addiction to thrifting. Hours of TBS (have I mentioned the fact that I’m marrying the real Sheldon Cooper, flip fold and all?)

So how about a video to get things started again?

That was this morning. A group of us got up at the crack of dawn to watch quite possibly the coolest thing to happen in College Station since No Doubt wrote their name on a bathroom wall 20 years ago. There wasn’t much of a warning as to when exactly the building would implode, so we were all caught off guard. Hence the giggles.

Things in life are steady now, which I appreciate immensely. They’re hectic, but I can handle hectic.

Let’s meet again here soon, shall we? For now, listen to this awesome cover of “Call Me Maybe” by Ben Howard. Enjoy.