Satan Sandwich

Before you groan and close your browser, this is NOT a post about the debt ceiling. This is a post about food.

And who doesn’t like food?

I haven’t done a cooking post in quite a while, so it’s high time I get back to it.

This weekend, I made my first ever loaf of sourdough bread. TP bought me a dutch oven as an early birthday gift, and I couldn’t wait to break it in.

I found a recipe that I could follow and that didn’t involve a buzzilion steps on The Farmer’s Wife blog. You can see it for yourself here. Since I had dinner plans, I shut my oven off after 30 minutes of baking, left the dutch oven in the oven and returned home to a loaf of perfect bread.

It tastes as yummy as it looks, and it is great sandwich bread – it toasts beautifully and doesn’t fall apart as you take monster bites out of it. I’m already a messy enough eater as it is; I don’t need my bread to add to my food shrapnel.

Over the weekend I also made seitan (pronounced say-tan) based on a recipe I found on one of my new favorite blogs, (never home) maker. Seitan is a meat substitute made primarily out of vital wheat gluten. I added some red pepper flakes to my seitan and some ground sage in addition to the other suggested herbs.

Which brings me to…. THE SATAN SANDWICH!

Since I can’t help thinking of the word “satan” whenever I hear the word “seitan”, the name of the sandwich speaks for itself. It also has a ton of sharp cheese in it, and the devil has, you know, sharp, pointy horns… or something.

To make this sandwich, I took some butter (lots of butter) and melted it on my panini press. You can use a nonstick skillet as well. Then I put my sourdough bread in the butter (you can use store-bought bread) and added the seitan, some swiss cheese (about one slice), some gruyere, and some white cheddar. I also threw on a few basil leaves, but you can also use pesto if you have it on hand. Then I pressed the sandwich. When the bread was nice and toasted and the cheese melted, I added several slices of good tomato and some baby spring mix. It’s a quick, balanced-ish meal that is sure to satisfy all your tastebuds. You might even call it devilishly good.