Face First

I’ve fallen face first into December. It’s here. And my credit card knows it.

I should get a thank you note from Amazon. Seriously.

(Did you know Amazon has a line called Amazon Fresh? They deliver groceries to some Seattle neighborhoods. It kind of makes me wish I lived in Seattle. I can think of nothing better than to come home after work to find a box full of produce on my door step. I could really go for a grapefruit right now. A ridiculously over-priced, hand-delivered grapefruit. I guess laziness comes with a price I’d be willing to pay.)

Meanwhile, I’ve been kind of absent lately, what with 12+ hour drives back and forth to Alabama with a quick one-day hop up to Nashville in the middle. I also haven’t felt too update-worthy. My dinners lately have consisted of frozen burritos, skinny cow ice cream sandwiches and microwavable rice.

Here’s one exciting update, though. I have a new nephew! His name is Connor, and I can’t wait to meet him and spoil him with Amazon orders.

Anyway, I really and truly haven’t forgotten about you. I promise. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Last night I dreamed that I was in outer space and there were all these amazing stars and planets and constellations that I’m pretty sure I made up. (A star shaped like a pretzel perhaps?) And the part I was most excited about—even in my dream? Blogging about it when I got back to Earth. How cool am I, right?

Maybe the meaning of the dream is two-fold. First, I think it means I’ve missed blogging the last few days and feel pretty guilty about my abandonment. Second, I’m pretty sure it means I can return to reality now. Even if just for a minute before the daily crazy sinks back in.

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