Family Photos

Y’all. Three days of sugar overload finally got the best of me. Last night I was completely unable to write to you, despite having so many wonderful things to share. As I lay on the couch clutching my stomach, I thought about all the blogging I was missing.

It was so great seeing my family this weekend. My cousin’s wedding was amazing, and his bride was stunning. I ate more than any one person should (did someone say pasta bar?), and cake and ice cream at a wedding might be one of the best ideas ever. Who says ice cream only has to accompany cake at birthdays?

I also finally got some great family photo opps. I love this photo of all of us – my aunt and uncle, mom and dad, sister-in-law (with nephew), Patrick, brothers and me.

And my mom brought me an old photo album of pictures of all of us kids when we were little tykes.

This is my mom and me on her birthday. She’s so pretty.

Check out my dad’s awesome ‘stache and tight ’80s polo.

And this might be the best family photo ever taken. No words necessary. Except maybe an apology to my dad, who no doubt will not be thrilled about the fact that this photo of him is on the internet. Love you, Daddy. (I think my mom still has that exact same plant…)

Stay tuned. More great photos are still to come.