Putting it all out there

I’ve finally done it! After much debate about what to call this thing and much plotting about what the heck to write once it’s set up (still TBD), I have finally created a blog. And you’re finally able to read it. I know you’re teeming with excitement.

If this were a pilot for a new sitcom, this would be my hook. This would be where you meet my quirky family or find out all about my crazy dating life. This would be where you say, “I am definitely coming back for more of this.” And this is the part where I ask myself: “Am I really going through with this?”

As I go through this process there will be an ample amount of frustration and a smattering of mistakes (well, more than a smattering, but I’m trying to stay confident). I’ll probably want to change the name of this blog at least once – and may actually proceed with said name change. “Musings of a Cat Lady” would probably get more hits, but let’s not even go there.

I’m sure there will be many days where I won’t feel like writing and even more days where I’ll waver on posting something I’ve written. But I’m going to put myself out there. I’m biting the proverbial bullet, figuring out WordPress and partying on with my bad blogging self. And when I figure out how to track how many hits this site gets, I hope you come by to boost my self esteem… because I would really feel pathetic hitting the refresh button over and over again.